Pretty Much Everything

by Aaron James Draplin

TLDR: Fantastic coffee-table style book with excellent narration.  Recommended.

Pretty Much Everything is a coffee table book that covers the career of Aaron James Draplin, a famous artist responsible for several notable designs and for creating Field Notes (the notebook line).  Draplin provides ample narration and examples in his journey as an artist and professional.  He includes sketches from his youth, influences and a healthy dose of his punk ethos.  Besides copious examples of his finished work, Draplin explains the process behind many of his commissions.  This is the most interesting content.  The explanations and drafts show how a professional artist develops an idea.  Draplin has a distinct style that is both repetitive and unique for each campaign.  The book itself is fun and written in an easy to read, conversational manner.  4.5/5.