What I’m Doing Now

View from the Catskills


Not actively working on anything after a few false starts (and sadly, some late notices) for contests. Am catching up on George Saunders lessons and will re-re-re-start editing After the Second Wave.



Outlive: I listed to Attia on his and other’s podcasts…. not much new information here. Disappointing.

Just Finished:

The Creative Act: Rick Rubin. A fun read, something to pick up and thumb through when stuck in the future.

On Deck:

Write for Life, Cameron


Lolita, Nabokov. Only a few pages in… and he gets right to it!

Just completed:

Liberation Day, Saunders. Short stories… very, very Saunders. In a good and bad way.


One Hundred Years of Solitude. I know it’s a classic, but I just, just can’t keep the characters straight. Second attempt and barely made it 150 pages.


My kingdom for an editor/partner!!