Mo Money, Mo Problems

Tenaya Creek, Yosemite
Tenaya Creek, Yosemite


One of my pet peeves are barriers to spending. Specifically, when I have a need and finding help is hard. The most common case is home contractor work. I’ve defined projects, realistic budgets and no one to do the work. And searching for contractors usually includes missed appointments, lack of follow-up, vague answers, etc.

I’m in a similar place with writing. I need for an editor/partner to help progress my writing. Most of my submissions (hundreds) have been rejected. Obviously, something is missing the mark. Sure, I can send individual pieces to freelance editors, but I’m looking for someone to help/guide/edit the writing en total.

I’d like an editor/coach to lift the quality of my writing, hone my style (what works, what doesn’t) and, most importantly, offer real feedback on all elements of the writing. An expert can elevate the quality of my writing.

Much like with housing contractors, I can’t find such partners. Although not for a lack of options. A quick Google search for “writing coach” or something similar returns hundreds of hits. Collectives of coaches and editors, individuals, extensions of writing schools and seminars. Specialists in memoirs, corporate writing, novels, coaches to encourage you and keep you accountable. But few specialize in genres or short stories… or present as a collaborator.

I reached out to a few independents. Crickets.

Perhaps my expectations are unrealistic, but this is my creative output at stake, and I need someone I can trust.


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